session1media AUDIO, DESIGN

New Gospel Choir with a need for 5 Song EP. They needed everything from A-Z including Recording Studio, Recording Engineer, Music Producer, Session Bassist, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Logo, Photoshoot, Album Cover Design, CD Duplication, Digital Distribution, Publisher, Social Media.
We broke the project up into stages. With the recording process first and then then on to mixing and mastering. Followed by the photoshoot and the album design. Lastly the distribution and social media marketing.
We performed the Audio Recording with Pro Tools. Universal Audio Apollo 8p was used with UNISON technology as the Audio Interface. Focusrite PRO40 was also used for additional tracks. We recorded the drums first (every drum had an individual mic/track recording) including hi-hats, 2 mics on the kick, L&R stereo overheads, and a room mic (11 microphones were used total for the drums). We used scratch tracks from lead vocal, keyboard and bass to support the drum session. They didn’t want to use a click track because of fluctuation BPM (beats per minute) in their compositions. Vocals were recorded second in groups (4-6 vocalists at a time) alto, soprano, and tenor so any error retakes can be punched in without having the entire 22 vocalists involved at the same time. Lead vocals were on separate tracks. We re-recorded keyboards, bass and added music production. All tracks were mixed and mastered in Pro Tools. A choir photoshoot was scheduled and the album cover designed with a studio feel mic and headphones. ZM Logo was designed with a circle to reflect a tight group. Multicolor dark squares were selected to reflect a variety of dark skin tones of the vocal/instrumentalists in the choir. 250 CD Duplications were manufactured for an event celebrating 20 years as an RCCG Mount Zion Parish Church, Regina Saskatchewan Canada. Album distributed to digital streaming and downloading platforms. Social Media Marketing.