Rogers Wireless

session1media AUDIO

Rogers Communications was looking to introduce a Radio Spot in the province of Saskatchewan to reach new wireless customers on the Rogers Wireless network.
Rogers Wireless engaged Ad Agency Publicis Canada who contracted the Radio spot production to Grayson Matthews in Toronto. Grayson Matthews contacted us and proposed the voice over project with hired ACTRA talent from White City Saskatchewan. The voice over recordings were to be recorded in our studio and realtime capture of the recording session in Grayson Matthews Studio VIA Source Connect. Session 1 Media is Source Connect compliant so we agreed to deliver the voice over recording for the project.
The ACTRA talent for this commercial is a real life family that came into our studio. We were approved for a 4.5 hour time allotment for the project. We were provided the script and character direction from Grayson Matthews. The tracks were set up in Pro Tools at our studio in Pilot Butte and the producers at Grayson Matthews Toronto gave the recording engineer and the talent direction to complete the required voice recordings. We proceeded to record the voice over session in Pilot Butte with all of us wearing headphones and communicating through Neumann microphones VIA Source Connect VOIP connection. The recording mixing and producing of the voice over was sent through the internet to Grayson Matthews Toronto producers on the fly in real time as we were capturing audio in Pilot Butte. Once the advertisement hit the airwaves it could be heard on major radio stations across the province of Saskatchewan.