Despite The Reverence – Deception [Lyric Video]

session1media VIDEO

To keep the bands momentum going and continue to market Despite The Reverence with a 3rd Music Video supporting their new Album. We needed to keep cost down while still delivering creative content. We scheduled the release of the new video 1 week before the band departed for their 2017 UK Tour.
The goal was to keep the viewer entertained synching the song ‘Deception’ with interesting design and lyric motion text to the tempo.
Fast motion and hard edge graphic design including a pumping human heart for representation of real life pain caused by ‘Deception’ and an empty swing symbolizing abandonment and loneliness. We included introductions to the band members in the instrumental bridge followed by images of the new Album and specific digital music platforms where the new album can be streamed and downloaded. The Video was shared on the Despite the Reverence website and social platforms. The Video was marketed to new potential fans through paid Facebook and Google advertising campaigns.